Shrimp Boy Character Analysis

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At a young age Shrimp Boy experienced the crime filled life. He struggled with his family while learning the principles of a Chinese gang (loyalty, trust, honor, dignity, and respect.) Shrimp Boy kept these principles with him as he got older and brought them to San Francisco when him and his family moved. Even there he continue his juvenile ways, he did task for the tongs and tried to go up in their ranks.
Shrimp Boy wanted to get away from the crime in 1989, this was his first attempt at doing so. He wanted to make his mother proud but, it ended in his arrest. The code he honored so dearly was broken by underling in his tong and even Shrimp Boy had to go against the code by selling out his partner, Peter Chong, in favor to getting a plea deal.
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He meets a pretty girl named Alicia and her 11 year old daughter. I believe those 2 made an impact on Shrimp Boy ways. Shrimp Boy is actively trying to be normal with Alicia’s help and tries to help the community quite often. Though, these attempts were foiled, to Shrimp Boys dismay, by people who didn't quite trust him yet.
Shrimp Boy has done a great job at going clean. He seems to really want to be “normal” and he is proud of what he accomplished so far. Shrimp Boy is genuinely caring and wants to do good. Does that make him innocent. Not exactly, Shrimp Boy doesn't seem to get the concept of normal just yet. He keeps his distance from crime but, not enough. Although, he proves he doesn’t want to live a life of crime anymore with UCE 4599. He repeatedly declined offers given to him by UCE 4599 but, accepts bribe money from
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