Shrinking Middle Class Myth Analysis

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What is the middle class myth? This “event” or “classification” has a lot to do with geography,the past and how it was formed it has many components to make it a organization that is well known. “A land of opportunity”, “ a middle class society”,quotes from American Ideology assertion from Alan Nasser,the Author of The Middle Class Myth: Have Most Americans Always Been Poor?(August 28,2015). In 8 Surprising Facts About The Shrinking Middle Class From “Third World America” (PHOTOS)by Hallie Seegal 08/09/2010 01:19 PM ET states that in 2005, the bottom 20 percent of household earners had an average income of $10,655 while households in the top 20 percent made nearly 160,000 – a disparity of 1,500 percent, the highest gap ever recorded. Even some might refer to the U.S. as “ a land of opportunity ”,the reality is…show more content…
The stalk market crash along with the Great Depression both affected the beginning of the middle class myth. People argue about non educated people or people who work at fast food restaurants make more than educated people. The middle class does not just mess with our money because all of our money has to do with our nation's economy so if the nation's economy isn't doing good then we all know the money that is being made in our household won't do any good. In our economy the commodity that builds our economy is our resouces,discussing a wider range of perspectives some argue about not living in the right condition. Some who might live in the city might have to pay more rather than someone who lives in the country or vice versa. Looking at a larger geographical area it's true because examining a larger population count it's more difficult to keep everything steady and at a good rate.considering a broader time span,within the years the middle class is shrinking many argue whether it is or if it's
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