Shroud Of Turin Essay

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The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin, currently located in in Turin, Italy, is considered one of the most important and valuable relics, by Christians all over the world. It is said to be the shroud that Jesus Christ was wrapped, and buried in after being crucified. This makes it one of very few items that proves that Jesus Christ, did live, and was crucified on the cross. Not only is the shroud a renowned artifact, but it is also one of the most scientifically studied objects ever. After meticulous testing, scientists still aren’t confident in either the origins of the shroud, or how it was created. Regardless of whether Jesus is divine and part of the holy trinity, the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. To understand
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Because of the lack of forensic science, or any science in general, in the late 1300s ( the time period many scientists believe the Shroud is from) there is no way that the Shroud. This is because they would not have the knowledge to include such details. However, this was not the only evidence that Zugabie discovered that pointed towards the credibility of the Shroud. He discovered traces of scattered throughout the Shroud, in various locations that coincide with the stories of Jesus’s crucifixion. For example, there was blood stains on his head that resembled scratches from the thorn crown Jesus allegedly wore. Not only did the blood correspond with the crucifixion stories, but it matched Jesus’s blood type. “The results of the study shocked the world. The host was human heart tissue with the blood type, AB, which is the rarest of all blood types” (Connolly). Jesus’s blood type was discovered in Lanciano when, the “blood” or wine offered at mass actually turned into the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. Similarly, Zugabie also discovered AB blood on the Shroud, evidence rather convincing due to the rarity of AB

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