Shu Huaping: A Short Story

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Shu Huaping was like a plagued orange. From outside she looked like a delicious and appealing orange, but if you were to touch it you will know that on the inside she was hollow. Her family did not even saw her as human; she was more like a display doll only created to show off in the face of other elite families. She was caged in the path that her family created for her even before she was born. When she finished high school, everyone admired her since she was the perfect lady, and even she was the fiance of the heir form the most prominent family in the country, but she was tired. Tired of always doing what people told her. Tired of pretending to be someone she wasn't. Tired of just being a trade tool in her family. Tired of just living. But she never thought of suicide. That was the easy way out of things and it would not…show more content…
"Well, we are talking of that Shu Huaping. It would be weird if she didn't get first place. You are a little late in the news. What is an unexpected news is that she failed to enter to the top University in the Country. It appears that she turned in a blanc answer sheet" Student B said in schadenfreude.

"The one that is late in the news is you. Didn't you know that Shu Huaping was accepted to the top university of X country? Obviously, she would give a blanc paper since we are talking about X country most respected university. In her eyes out top university is garbage. I'm sure she only went for courtesy."


In the Shu Mansion.

"WHAT KIND OF RESULTS ARE THESE?! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH FACE YOU MADE ME LOSE? OF COURSE YOU DON'T YOU ARE JUST A PIECE OF GARBAGE THAT COULD NOT EVEN ACE THE ACCEPTANCE EXAM FOR A SMALL UNIVERSITY!" Mr. Shu was completely mad and irrational at the moment.And when she saw that Shu Huaping did not respond, he grabbed the ashtray and threw it at
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