Shush Your Eaglet Analysis

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Shush Your Wien
Draft one: Little Eaglet, ahh, nah this is not the essay for submitting who would even want to read it?!
Draft two: The day of my death. Well this is beautifully written but not a great personal narrative
Draft three: The real I was gone. Yes, this one is good but too short
“Ooh Lucy you’ve spent the whole day on your essay and you are still not getting what to write about, Just sleep and close your eyes everything will be alright when you wake up!” said Wien
Wien is my friend, a friend really? Well not really, he entertain me but a poor advisor. I guess I will have to follow his advice ,I have no other alternative
Laying on my bed staring at the ceiling wondering what to write about ,that time when you feel unfulfilled
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You know girls at that age are mostly like to have only one topic to talk about “Boyfriends” yes of course that is also what we used to talk about not we but they .I had nothing to say to them I had no boyfriend. I was not going to admit it in front of everyone but I always wonder why I don’t have one while all my friends had them not that I was not beautiful but actually I was and much more than they were (giving myself too much credits) Wien would say “which boy would wish to date a nerd like you?” that’s how he/she is, always discouraging .a year later my family left to another first as any other stranger I knew no one

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