Should School Sports Be Paid In Schools

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Schools have been providing sports for years, and had students enjoying them with their families and friends. According to many people they want to get rid of sports to focus on their academic skills than athletic skills to help them in the real world with businesses. Therefore, schools should shut down sports to cut down their bills, bring up teacher salaries, and have more educational programs to help them succeed in their business life. Although Schools are always trying to raise money for superior tools in class, it would help if the school closed down the athletics to gain more money for academic needs. If they shut down the school sports they would be able to have more students passing classes and getting better grades that would help with their schooling (Ripley 10). A student From Fremont high…show more content…
The schools would also have more money if they stopped trying to keep the grass all green and pretty because it kills their educational funds (Ripley 10). As the teachers go along with trips they need to get substitutes to back them up, and the schools need to pay for hotels and meals along the road (Ripley). The article is trying to say that the sports put a big hole in the schools budget and paychecks to pay for their athletics. As we can tell, the data is clear, that schools should stop sports because they cost too much for all the bills and new things that make the team look bigger and maybe even better. As the community can tell, money is a big issue for schools today, another huge problem is the academic needs of the schools and students. Amanda Ripley stated that “America Lags behind other countries” around the globe with academics, but if we put more academics and canceled sports we would be able to catch up to the other countries in the learning program. Not only is Fremont high affecting their own learning, but also the middle school had to move in with the senior high school, and the “elementary school hadn’t had a music teacher in years”
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