Shut Down Your Screen Week Argumentative Essay

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People should consider the many effects of technology. The effects are why ED White should participate in "shut down your screen week". Participating would help stop the health problem before it starts or gets worse. Also, participating can keep the mind focused it the real world and on important things.

The first reason is that technology can be bad for the health of people. Amy Norton states that, "The AAP has long recommended that children and teens devote no more than two hours to entertainment media each day. That advice is based on research linking more screen time to obesity, higher blood pressure and cholesterol, sleep loss and problems at school"(source 1). This piece of evidence support that ED White should participate in "shut down your screen week" since it is saying that children and teens health will drop and become obese which it effects other parts in good health. Amy Norton agrees when she writes, "Diaz said, even though a lot of the concern with excessive screen time is that it makes kids couch potatoes -- which could affect their physical health -- there is also an important social aspect"(source 1). In other words laziness can affect your health by causing obesity and is bad for your social life.

Another reason is that ED White should
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Keith Hampton reports that, "A recent follow-up study, “Social Networking Sites and Our Lives” (Pew Research Center), found that the average user of a social networking site had more close ties than and was half as likely to be socially isolated as the average American."(source 4). However, being online isn't the only way to have a social life and less intimate relationships, "A number of studies, including my own and those of Matthew Brashears (a sociologist at Cornell), have found that Americans have fewer intimate relationships today than 20 years ago"(source
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