Shut-Down-Your-Screen Week Benefits

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Technology has defied all odds as it has been progressing over the years.At the same time, technology has become a hindrance in schools. There is a proposition for our school to participate in the National Shut Down Your Screen Week. This would be a great opportunity for us to take a break from technology and develop some social skills that allow us to connect with each other and not through a screen. Turning off technology will allow students to think for themselves. Instead of going off of what we already know or prior based knowledge most students go straight to the internet. They don't use their knowledge to their advantage. Author Nicholas Carr states “the fact is you'll never think deeply if you're always googling, texting, or surfing the internet.”(IGMUS,P5) If we want to start thinking for ourselves then we can't rely on google…show more content…
While using technology you're not used to talking to people in person as much as if you were not used to using technology. Participating in the National Shut Down Your Screen Week will allow us to develop social skills as we will actually have to speak to our peers, and not through the phone. As Keith Hampton says “A number of studies…. Have that americans have fewer intimate relationships today than 20 years ago.”(SMC, P5) This shows that technology plays a big role in taking away social skills from people. It allows us to communicate but it's hard to gain social skills through a screen. Using technology reduces our writing and spelling ability. Most technology now has a system called autocorrect. Autocorrect disables us because instead of learning how to spell the word ourselves autocorrect fixes it for us and we don't think twice about it. Some may say this is good but, this disables our spelling and writing ability. Imagine you have an essay to write you can't use autocorrect to spell your words for you. Nicholas Carr states “If you're really interested
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