Shutruk Nahhunte Analysis

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These are the words said by Mr. Hundert in his western civilization class about Shutruk Nahhunte, King of Anšan and Susa. In my eyes, I can see that the forgotten king, Shutruk Nahhunte is someone Mr. Hundert wouldn't like to be and he's worried about the possibility that Sedgewick Bell would resemble him. The minute Sedgewick Bell chose to resemble his dad, he was so disconsolate. Mr. Hundert saw what sort of a man his dad is. His dad is a man who doesn’t care about anybody around him. He's a senator however not a representative of cooperative attitude. He isn't a senator of responsibility. He isn't a leader that a nation needs and be respected and recollected through the ages. A leader with awesome commitment may be recollected. Be that as
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