Shutts And Bowen Law Case Study

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Summary and recommendations

After proper study of the details and data analysis provided by Shutts and Bowen Law, our team have observed that the firm possesses three key strength which are pay and benefits, facilitative organizational design, and operational efficiency. It is clearly shown in the combined ratings in Stutts and Bowen law the firm scores above the industry average in this three key aspects. It is important to note that pay and benefits ranks highest among this three key aspects. This shows that workers are usually happy with their jobs when they pay is good and benefits are also good. Workers also tend to sometimes get too comfortable when pay and benefits is too high so this factor must be kept on check.
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Communication is very key and important in any organization as it facilitates a proper relationship between employees of a firm. There are certain factors that can distort effective communication in a firm and some of these factors are, filtering, selective perception, information overload, emotions, language, silence communication apprehension and lying. Also, keep in mind that cross-cross cultural factors clearly create the potential for increased communication problems. These factors should be looked at and addressed in the firm to increase the level of effective communication. Effective communication increased employee effectiveness; both individually and as a team. It is obvious that the employees realize that there is a need for change and for that change to be constant. One way to get this done is by using the Kurt Lewin’s three step model; unfreeze, movement, and refreeze for a time period longer than the…show more content…
This area of the firm spends a lot of time and effort to help develop its suppliers, helps its suppliers perform more effectively, wants its suppliers to succeed. This sheds light on the organization's focus on enabling its suppliers to perform effectively for the organization. It is an important indicator of effective supply chain management. No corporation needs to be convinced that in today’s scale-driven, technology-intensive global economy, partnerships are the supply chain’s lifeblood. Therefore, in order to increase supplier relations in the firm, this team advise that the firm conduct joint improvement activities, share information intensively but selectively, develop suppliers technical capabilities, supervise your suppliers, turn supplier rivalry into opportunities, and understand how your suppliers

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