Hidden Girl Character Analysis

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Shyima Hall was born in Egypt on September 29, 1989 the seventh child of desperately poor parents. It all started when she was eight, her parents sold her into slavery. Shyima then moved away to Egypt capitol city to live with a wealthy family and serve them, eighteen hour a day. When she was ten, her captors move to Orange County California. Two year later on unknown call from a neighbor brought about the end of Shyima serving time, but her journey to free freedom was far from over. The actions in the beginning of the story show a positive character because before she was sold in slavery she would always take care of her family such as her little brothers and sister whenever her parents wasn’t there. According to the book Hidden Girl it stated “The heavy responsibility of caring for my siblings at an early age had me cable to take care of myself.” Shyima would never argue or not listen what the parents tell her too. She would always treat them well but the parents wouldn’t. It says in Hidden Girl “ Every night I prayed, please let me go home I hate the way the family has treated me here, I miss my family.” It shows how Shyima continued…show more content…
He saw she was afraid so Mark was the person who was able to gain her confidence and trust. With all this evidence she showed a positive side of the story because she trusted Mark when she was afraid and know he will protect her. The best thing about Shyima is how brave she was to try to find the perfect family and learn to speak English at the same time for her to attend school. In the book Hidden Girl it says “ I was looking forward to making friends and learning as much as possible so I could eventually make my way in my new country.” Shyima continue to show her positive side and not having any doubts coming her way as in her new
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