Shyness Reflection Paper

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Shyness is an experience of most people in their lives. Zimbardo, Pilkonis, and Norwood reveal that nearly all of 800 young-adult samples had undergone feelings of shyness (as cited in Cougevan, 2001). According to Leary, he defines that “shyness is an affective-behavioral syndrome characterized by social anxiety and interpersonal inhibition that results from the prospect or presence of interpersonal evaluation” (as cited in Cougevan, 2001). Furthermore, Briggs and Smith states that an abstracted characteristic is produced by shyness through observing in others and in ourselves (as cited in, Cougevan, 2001).

Unfortunately, I am also the one who had suffered from shyness which influences my childhood and adolescent. Feeling anxious to face others and lowering my self-esteem are two impacts which inhibit social life on me. In the following part, I will demonstrate my personal experience and provide recommendation for coping with this issue.

One reason that lead to the development of shyness is due to the
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I still remembered the first time I stepped on the stage, gazes of numerous audiences made me feel fearful and nervous and my body was shaking. After that, I wanted to give up participating in drama and quitted the club. However, two incentives had motivated me to insist on playing drama. Intrinsically, I wanted to prove that I am not useless so I learned hard. Extrinsically, I practiced a lot to enhance my acting skill for getting the complement from my parents. Through this treasurable experience, I develop the skill of acting and heighten my social skill. Moreover, I have realized that although I am not smarter than my sister, it doesn’t mean I have no talent. Everyone have their strengths and weaknesses so they should not underestimate themselves. Consequently, this event boost my self-esteem. Hence, I become more confidence to chat with

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