Siamese Lighting In Tim Burton's Big Fish

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Big Fish follows the distant relationship between father and son after years without communication. William Bloom, without hesitation, travels to his hometown of Ashton, Alabama along with his expectant wife after receiving news of his dying father, Edward. William’s issue with his father is derived from the fanciful tales Edward has told of his life, not only to William, but the entire world. William has one goal in mind: to discover the truth. In order to fully understand his father, William must determine fact from fiction, either directly from his father and/or from other sources, allowing a heart-wrenching, yet compelling story. Big Fish is a must see movie for the entire family, but only if one is willing to take the time and reflect on the true meaning. In cinematography, lighting can be used to provide insight into tone and mood, which influences certain emotions within the viewer. Tim Burton, the director of Big Fish, uses similar lighting techniques as a tool of contrast. For example, the scene that introduces the Siamese singers is entirely shot in red. Red in general is a very emotionally intense color, meaning that in can raise a heartbeat due to the viewers attachment to the characters and storyline. This builds the tension throughout the scene because the red is contrasting the bright white stage lighting. In addition to this, the town of Spectre, for Edward, is supposed to convey heaven on earth, which is what the lively and lucid lighting projects. Due to

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