Big Fish Character Analysis

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Big Fish follows the distant relationship between father and son after years without communication. William Bloom, without hesitation, travels to his hometown of Ashton, Alabama along with his expectant wife after receiving news of his dying father, Edward. William’s issue with his father is derived from the fanciful tales Edward has told of his life, not only to William, but the entire world. William has one goal in mind: to discover the truth. In order to fully understand his father, William must determine fact from fiction, either directly from his father and/or from other sources, allowing a heart-wrenching, yet compelling story. Big Fish is a must see movie for the entire family, but only if one is willing to take the time and reflect on the true meaning.
In cinematography, lighting can be used to provide insight into tone and mood, which influences certain emotions within the
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In Big Fish, the characterization of each individual is very intricate- every character has a distinct personality. While casting for the movie, Denise Chaimian kept this in mind to help deliver an outstanding performance on the big screen. For example, at a young age, Edward is charming, educated, and speaks smoothly. This helps him to achieve many of his accomplishments. Accomplishments that are later exaggerated. These qualities combined with his excellently exaggerated stories make him a likeable character. On the other hand, William is nothing like his father. He is a journalist by profession which means he likes to deal with facts, while his father is drawn to the opposite. Instead of appreciating Edward for the man he is, William is too caught up on what his father is not. The contrast between these two characters makes the story much more interesting and entrancing, much like the performance Albert Finney and Billy Crudup
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