Siberian Ice Maiden Research Paper

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The Siberian Ice Maiden was found in her wooden tomb buried in ice which kept her in almost perfect condition, the items which she was also buried with was also found in great conditions and it doesn’t look like there were any grave robbers which found the site either. The Siberian Ice Maiden was found wearing a silk yellow blouse, a large coloured headers which had paintings/drawings of cats on the headers and other images as well, the Siberian Ice Maiden was also wearing a white stripped shirt. when the Siberian Ice Maiden was found that she had a very thin layer of skin which told us she had been preserved wonderfully for thousands of years, which then brought attention that she had black markings on her body which were tattoos of mythical creatures. The Ice Maiden was also found near six horses. The princess had also been buried with…show more content…
So the meats which were put into her tomb would be her food later in the afterlife and so are all the other objects in her tomb. On the Siberian Ice Maiden’s body she had tattoos of mythical animals and animals that we see today maybe the mythical animals weren't something that was around back then but maybe that these peoples belief was in these animals just like Native Americans for example they believe in mythical animals and animals we have around today, this could be why everything is to do with animals in the tomb such as the wooden dears, the cats drawn on the headers, the mutton and the horse meat this could be a sign of their religious belief because most things in the tomb were animal

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