Siberian Tundra Research Paper

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One should consider visiting the Siberian Tundra because of the rare animals that inhabit it and the vast number of activities that you can do when visiting. To start off, the Siberian Tundra is approximately 85,900 square miles and is located in the northeastern part of Russia between 60° to 80° North latitude, and 70° to 180° East longitude. Winters can be very cold with the temperature reaching -30° to -40° Fahrenheit. However the Summers are very cool with temperatures reaching around 50° Fahrenheit. The tundra is also an extremely windy area, with winds often blowing between 30 to 60 miles per hour. In terms of precipitation, however, the tundra is most like a desert, with average precipitation only about six to ten inches, usually snow. It has all four season, although it is mainly summer and winter with spring and fall only for a short period of time. With all of this being said, one of the reasons you should vacation to the Siberian tundra is because of all of the animals that live there, as well as all of…show more content…
Some of these include wildlife viewing, wilderness exploration, cultural tourism, hiking and backpacking, and river floating. Many of the animals found here live only in the tundra and are a rare sight. Hiking is a popular way to view the tundra’s sweeping river flats, open foothills, and rolling treeless uplands. Dealing with the varied terrain requires that only experienced hikers go on these adventures. Many travelers use the tundra’s many rivers as travel routes.There are a number of indigenous cultures that live in the tundra whose lives mirror the cultures of people from Greenland, Alaska, northern Canada, and Scandinavia. Tourists on arranged outings visit the reindeer herders of Chukchi and Koryak. The other natives of the tundra are the Nenets, Dolgans, and Nganasans of the Taymyr
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