Sibling May Have Shaped You Analysis

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I was at my nana’s house playing in the front yard, when she came out of the house running and screaming with joy. I did not ask her why she was so happy, I just started jumping and dancing with her. After a few months all that joy was gone for me, because I realized that my parents were being taken away from me by a brat called little sister. Then came another when I was thirteen. Most people in this world at least have one sibling, if not more, and they are influenced by them most of their life. Siblings help shape us just like parents. They make us who we are today. The 2 articles I have read help us see how siblings shape our lives. Siblings can be like our mini parents. Just a little more fun and, irresponsible. The article 7 Ways Your Siblings May Have Shaped You by…show more content…
My little sister saw me hide it and did the same when she broke a glass and, my mom caught her. We both got in a lot of SIBLING RELATIONSHIPS 3 trouble. Baer wrote something similar, “A woman whose older sister got pregnant was five times more likely to get pregnant than one who didn 't.” We are more likely to do the same as our siblings then not, weather it is right or wrong. Our siblings are like our friends and peers. The everyday confrontations we have with our siblings help us in real life. Lyon wrote, “...these conflicts can be a headache for parents, they can help kids make developmental strides in a "safe relationship" and provide good training for interacting with peers...” I do not have older siblings to look up to but, every problem I have in real life, I always think of what my older cousins would do in the situation. In the same way my sisters think of what I would do if I was in their place. Baer says the same thing, “if you think of a family as a tiny society, it makes sense that we would first learn to socialize through relationships with sisters and brothers.” Communicating with your siblings is practice for real
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