Siblings In Jeffrey Kluger's TED Talk

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An old Vietnamese proverb says that ¨brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet¨(Siblings). One can never fully forget a sibling nor can one fully deny the love shared. Siblings may fight, but they will make up because their love overshadows their hate. Siblings are so close that they know each others weak points and may exploit them at times, but will protect them when outsiders interfere. Siblings often bring out the best and worst in each other. Much of the sibling dynamic is dominated by social psychology and scientific deidentification, as discussed by Jeffrey Kluger in his 2011 TED Talk, ¨The sibling bond.¨
Jeffrey Kluger, a senior writer for TIME magazine, has written numerous books as well. He graduated from University of Maryland in 1976 with a degree in political science. Kluger grew up in a six-person home with three brothers, Kluger being
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He explains the scientific principle of de-identification by saying “After we are born, we do whatever we can to attract the attention of our parents, determining what our strongest selling points are and marketing them ferociously. Someone's the funny one, someone's the pretty one, someone's the athlete, someone's the smart one (Kluger, Jeffrey. “The).” Every person in the family can claim at least one of these titles as a way to gain attention. Kluger goes on to explain that if two siblings claim the same title, the most attention that either of them can have is 50%, but if they choose different titles, they can both have 100% of the attention given to that topic. This de-identification can also be seen in friend groups, and often we use this process to help form assumptions and judge a person before we know them fully. De-identification can also be used as a defense mechanism as well to distance oneself from other members of the family or other
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