Sibling Relationships In The Scarlet Ibis And Brother

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Sibling relationship between siblings can't be based on one thing or described by only one thing . The readers find this true in the short story “The Scarlet Ibis ” and the song “Brother “. In both works the readers explore the siblings relationships with each other and may compare it with their own . In the short story "The Scarlet Ibis " and the song "Brother", James Hurst and Jerry Cantrell describe typical sibling relationships that are based on pride and to interpret this the narrator , of both works , practiced indirect characterization of the brothers through the connections the brothers share and the use of tone portrayed through the brother's interactions in each work.
In each of the works the brothers run away from the other because
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In typically sibling relationships based on pride the older sibling manipulates the younger one for self gain and then doesn't want anything else to do with that person anymore. The indirect characterization of one of the brother’s relationship in “The Scarlet Ibis” is that one brother is dependent of the other brother while the other brother does not want anything to do the his brother , “Doodle studied the mahony box for a long time …”Don't go leave me , Brother “,he cried “” (Hurst 386) . In this scene Brother threatens to leave Doodle in the barn loft if he doesn't touch his own coffin . Doodle is dependent of Brother because he trust that Brother wouldn't intentionally hurt him. Brother had stopped wanting Doodle around. However every sibling relationship is not this way. The siblings connection with one another depends on the individual's personality , even if it is based on pride . A different characterization of a sibling relationship is shown in the song “Brother”. One’s view of the brother’s relationship of the song could be that the brother that is narrating is aggressive and harmful toward the other brother . The brother being addressed in the song accepts the abuse and pain inflicted on by the narrator ; “Roses in a vase of the white , Bloodied by the thorns besides the leaves , That fall because my hand…show more content…
Using imagery throughout the works the authors are making a certain tone for the readers . A regretful tone can be found in the song “Brother”, “Pictures in a box… how that color tastes”, (Cantrell 15-18) through the use of imagery . One’s view when reading this could be they see the pictures in the box covered in mold ,along with faceless person in the pictures. If some people are really into the song, they could even taste the mold on the old picture. The person holding the picture and looking regretful of what they had done to the sibling to make him never come back is something one might also see. Everyday sibling relationship are filled with regret because of how they treated or what was said to the other sibling,however, usually it doesn't end with a sibling leaving for a long time. A typically sibling relationship could have another tone as such in “The Scarlet Ibis “. Also using imagery in “The Scarlet Ibis ” is a elated tone can be found in a section of the story . “Finally one day. . . of the swamp was sweet “(Hurst 388) shows the wonderful side of sibling relationships. The imagery of the scene helps form a better moment the brothers share . The imagery use is a beautiful swamp with soft grass , and beautiful toothbrush trees that held a cardinals , who are red which means love. Typical sibling relationship have wonderful moments
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