Sick Around The World Analysis

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The documentary Sick Around the World shows us what different countries do to provide their citizens with healthcare. We see that in Britain no one pays for healthcare it is all just covered in his or her taxes. In Japan, you automatically get a health policy through your job and if you do not work they find a different health insurance for them, and if you lose your job you do not lose your health insurance. Germany uses the Bismarck Model and everyone is offered healthcare, but doctors do not make as much in Germany. Overall, in most of these countries there is no gatekeeper that means that patients do not need a referral to go and see a specialist. There are also no wait times compared to the United States where it may take you weeks or even months to get in to see a physician. I believe this movie encompasses health policy. I think this because it is all about healthcare and how to obtain it and pay for it. It shows how different America is compared to other countries in the world. It does not necessarily say the way America does things is wrong, but it does make you think that maybe there are definitely other ways to run America’s healthcare system that would be better. This movie was very eye opening to me. I have been fortunate enough to always have health insurance through my…show more content…
Health professionals see this every day in practice and see people struggle to cover their medical bills. They also know how important healthcare is so they can advocate how vital it is that people are able to afford healthcare. Hopefully we see a change for the better in the next four years. I think this could impact my future as a nursing professional because I will have to worry about my own healthcare and whether my job offers it or not, and I will worry about my patients and how they are going to be able to manage to pay their healthcare
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