Sickened By Julie Gregory Character Analysis

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The lie of a parent can be well armed that it takes maturity of a child to become aware of it. They might forgive but not forget, nor-erased traumatic events that will remain in their memories. Our educational actions receive from adults (parents, teachers, siblings, grandparents) in our infancy-stages build and create our characteristics. We become who we are based on our personality- a result of our temper. Our behavior is reflected based on beliefs, values and life experiences. An framed within the context of our social evolution we grew up in. I really enjoy reading the novel “Sickened” by Julie Gregory. The story was very touching.I was terrified and disgust of how a mother can treat her own children the way Julie was treated by her…show more content…
As I continue reading each chapter I started comparing the similarities between Julie's mother and grandmother behaviors. concluding that they both suffered from MBP and how Julie's mother “Suandy” was repeating a cycle of her childhood. It is not until Julie reaches her teens that her mother was diagnosed with Munchausen by proxy (MBP); a mental illness disease of child abuse where the caretaker fabricates illnesses to a child; The caretaker, usually "make the healthy child sick" the main purpose is to gain attention and approval. It can either be genetic or can be psychologically-mentally influence by “peers” making it a repeated cycle. After Julie discovers her mother’s mental illness she decides to move away from her family, attend college and move forward with her life. but eventually she returns to visit her family and provides her mom with proper assistance that will help her treat her mental disorder. However, Julie proves that she will not follow her mother's behaviors.her mother's behavior was an example of a non-common psychological syndrome disorder difficult to diagnose. A learning experience that help her understand her mother's actions without
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