Sickle Cell Anemia

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Sickle cell disease prevents one of the body 's most fundamental re-sources, the blood, from adequately transporting oxygen to the tissue, which can result in organ damage and many other related complications. A sickle cell related "crisis" can be extremely painful for patients, and deadly in some cases. Both quality of life and life expectancy are reduced for sickle cell patients, even when the disease is optimally managed with existing therapies, blood transfusions, vitamin regimens and a host of other precautions. "An ISU student died March 12 from complications of Sickle Cell Anemia there is no cure for Sickle Cell Anemia" (Indiana Statesman 2004). Sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that affects hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is…show more content…
Sickle cell has a lot of different complications. These make the disease itself harder. All the complications and symptoms just depends on the person and how their body chooses to react. Hand-Foot Syndrome is one complication that occurs with sickle cell. Due to the sickling of the cells blood vessels may be blocked which causes the hands and/or feet to painfully swell. Swelling only occurs on the back of the hands and feet and moves into the finger and toes. This may be the first sign of sickle cell in infants. The spleen helps filter out abnormal red blood cells and helps fight infections. At times the spleen traps many cells that should be in the bloodstream and it grows large. This causes anemia. Pneumonia is the most common cause of death in young children. When the sickled cells get trapped in the lungs acute chest syndrome begins to occur. Stroke and eye problems also occur with sickle cell. When it comes to males that have sickle cell priapism can occur. That is when males have a painful and unwanted erection. This occurs because the sickle cells stop blood flow out of an erect penis. Over time, priapism can damage the penis. Some other complications are gallstones, ulcers on the legs, high blood pressure, and multiple organ failure. Having sickle cell is not all fun and
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