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Michael Moore, in his famous documentary, Sicko, exposes the flaws in the American Healthcare System. Moore, a renowned documentary maker and extreme leftist, attempts to persuade his American audience for universal Healthcare. The American system is perceived as being outdated, unfair, and unjust; whilst, in other countries, including Cuba, universal Healthcare allows free, equal service for all. Moore presents these claims in order to persuade Americans with healthcare that the system they concede to, is corrupt. He pushes his audience into feeling guilty for their own good fortune, in the hope that they will bring change. Moore builds his argument by introducing appeals to fear, logic, and simple comparisons and contradictions. Moore begins his documentary with the story of a middle aged couple facing the wrath of denied coverage. Larry and Donna, who were both insured, were traveling down the path to living a great life as grandparents when suddenly, they were abruptly forced to sell everything they’ve worked their entire lives for. Larry had experience several heart attacks and was eventually denied insurance, driving himself and his wife into debt. They eventually both moved back in with their daughter. This example appeals to the viewer's sense of fear.…show more content…
A prime example of when Moore would like the viewer to become logically aware of the absurdity is the instances involving Guantanamo Bay. There, a prison houses multiple 9/11 terrorist planners, and several of the world's most dangerous men- thought by many to be the most hostile location on US grounds. He presents the prison as a five star hotel with one of the best hospitals in the area, and the best part, it’s all free. The prisoners of Guantanamo Bay receive free American healthcare, after all they’ve done to destroy our country. Moore provides this example to illuminate the injustice American healthcare has over its own

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