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Siddhartha was a prince when he was born around 300 bc . Shortly after Siddhartha was born his mother shortly died after she gave birth. His father the king of Kosala India wanted him not to go outside the castle walls, this meant that he could not learn about religion and human hardship. Since he did not know much about the human hardship, that 's waiting for him outside the castle walls one day he went out with his chariot driver to learn about how it is to be an untouchable. As they were walking they noticed an old man, Siddhartha asked him, “why is he walking like that.” The chariot said “it happens when you grow old”. After they saw that he noticed a man that was very ill and asked “how does this happen.” The chariot said “it happens when you don 't feel well.” As they kept walking and saw a dead person and an ascetic. Siddhartha asked “why do you die.”…show more content…
As Siddhartha grew older he found a very beautiful girl that was a princess he wanted to get married, but she had to compete for him because many other girls wanted him to. After the competition was over the girl had won, they happily got married. Not to long after the competition, he got married at sixteen years old. Afew years went on and Siddhartha and his wife had a baby sun. Siddhartha promised when he turned one he will leave and won 't return until his journey had ended . After he turned one, Siddhartha went out on a quest to end suffering. He cut his hair, turned his clothes for untouchable clothes to look like he wasn 't a prince. So he continued out on his journey to end suffering and he came across this tree this tree was called the Buddi. He sat down in front of the tree and started to meditate. He promised to himself that he would not leave this tree until he ended suffering. Inside his head he faced many challenges he had passed all of his challenges and came to the devil inside his head he had to face him. He had to get passed three sisters after that he defeated the devil and became a
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