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You can use a quote that uses “you.” Just say, George Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about…”

George Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” In Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse, the main protagonist, Siddhartha, searches his whole life for inner peace and understanding of what his life’s purpose is. He walks the shoes of many different people on the earth and follows teachings from different mentors only to realise that to find true contentment he has to travel his own path. Siddhartha pursues contentment his whole life yet doesn’t reach enlightenment until experiencing different lifestyles and various teachings such as a Brahmin’s son, a semana, and a merchant.

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As a Brahmin he felt incomplete and wanted to know more and find his purpose in life. He decided to become a Semana and tried to lose his self and live through other creatures of the world putting down his earthly needs and running from himself but even then after years of meditating and practice he felt unsatisfied by his life as a Semana. After leaving behind both those paths he decided he would walk on his own path and learn for himself so he ended up learning the ways of a merchant; he learned how to save money and gain business affairs and live as a wealthy man. He learned the ways of love with Kamala and had all these treasures before him yet he still wasn’t content. If it was not for the journey Siddhartha traveled he would never have experienced and learned that those lifestyles weren’t for him; because of the road he traveled he realized that those lives were not for him and he was able to hear the river and listen to it and then train under Vasudeva on his way to becoming enlightened. Just like Siddhartha had to go through different experiences in life to find true content so do people in everyday life face different obstacles that challenge character and lead towards the true purpose of life. It might be a long and significant path of different decisions and years of waiting such as Siddhartha. Or the loss

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