Side Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes Essay

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Electronics cigarettes claim to be a much healthier and safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. This confuses consumers into believing that the use of electronic cigarettes have no side effects associated with them, but this is most definitely not the case. According to an article released by the American Lung Association (2013), it was stated that “We do not presently know what is in e-cigarettes. However, in initial lab tests conducted in 2009, the FDA found detectable levels of toxic cancer-causing chemicals, including an ingredient used in anti-freeze” (para. 15), which clearly shows how electronic cigarettes are a product that can cause harm to the human body. Someone consuming chemicals such as antifreeze could be doing irreversible damage to multiple organs and their body, and they will never know the cause due to the lack of regulations associated with advertising electronic cigarettes and warning labels containing very little information about the products being consumed. Evidence has also proved that ingesting the harmful chemicals in electronic cigarettes products can lead to long term health effects. Furthermore, e liquids…show more content…
Individuals could still choose to ignore all warnings, due to the addictive components of nicotine already being established. Once consumers have become addicted to nicotine, they will choose to continue using e-cigarettes despite the negative side effects associated with them. It is immoral to allow customers to suffer the symptoms of nicotine poisoning due to the lack of knowledge associated with nicotine poisoning. Furthermore, like any other drug that has addictive properties, the user will become dependent on nicotine and would rather risk their health, then quit consuming the harmful ingredients found in electronic
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