Side Effects Of Survivor's Guilt

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“Yes, life always takes the side of life, and somehow the victims are blamed. But it wasn’t the best people who survived, nor did the best ones die. It was random!” (Spiegelmen, 1991). This quote reminds us that if someone died, it is not because they deserved it or because other people are more deserving to live; it does not happen by choice. However, once it does happen, this can cause certain people who were either involved in the tragedy or were witnesses to undergo a feeling of guilt, known as survivor’s guilt. These people may feel like it was partly their fault due to the belief that they may have been able to help, or at least try. Nevertheless, this can result in psychological problems or side effects that can influence the person negatively. Survivor 's guilt may have a great impact on human behavior, emotional encounters, and personal relationships. Human behavior is one of the factors that is affected by survivor’s guilt. It can be defined as the actions, body language, or the tones and moods of a person. Moreover, it deals with the change in the previously stated features where they are either altered for the better or for the worse. Coping with the survivor’s syndrome can have a substantial variation in the behavioral adaptations of a person. There will be some burdensome times in their lives when the glance of an object; it can even be a symbol; will elicit all the memories and emotions of that moment triggering them to be dysphoric. Effectively, this will

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