Side Show Research Paper

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Side Show was put together through the Kent Theatre Department. The set design, acting, and theme came together to create the love story between Daisy and Violet. Side Show was written by Bill Russell and directed by Amy Fritsche. The production of this musical created a performance that was exhilarating and remarkable. The authors of the production were trying to emphasize that even though Daisy and Violet are conjoined twins, they were meant to be together. Throughout the musical, there were times where Daisy and Violet had arguments or wanted to be alone, but it didn’t make them hateful towards each other or resentful in the slightest. Even though they had arguments, and it would be easier for them to be apart and be “normal”, they didn’t…show more content…
The scenic designer, Terry Martin, truly captured the elements of this production. The way E. Turner Stump Theatre was set up made you feel like you were in the side show yourself. There were lights hanging from the ceiling, and cages set up for the “freaks” on the stage. It was creepy, uncomfortable, and mesmerizing. Examples where the set design was most adequate was during the love tunnel scene, during the beginning of the production, and at the ending of the production. In the love tunnel scene, Daisy, Violet, Terry, and Buddy sat in a wooden seat that looked like a ride, just like one that would be going through a real “tunnel”. It also moved which made the scene more realistic. There was also a screen above them in the middle of the stage that had hearts moving in and out. It was dark in the theatre and included colors of pink, red, and purple to capture the mood of “love’. These elements of the set design added to the production and made it feel like they were realistically going through a tunnel. At the beginning and the ending of the production, these were the scenes that made the audience feel as if they were in the show and watching it themselves. The “freaks” were in their cages or in the aisle ways. The round lights that hung from the ceiling in the theatre gave the feel of actually seeing a freak show. The set design definitely added to the theme. Daisy and Violet were apart of the side show…show more content…
There were moments where each of the elements occurred. Ones that stood out the most and were predominant in this production were believability and fluidity. The performances from Rebecca Rand and Lindsay Simon made this possible, along with the set design and costume design. It was hard not to relate to the love and compassion that took place between Daisy and Violet. It was definitely believable that they were conjoined twins in the fact that they never left each others side. The other element of a successful play that stood out in this production was fluidity. This musical moved smoothly from beginning to end and was easy to follow. Overall, this production was a success and the performance was
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