Sideline Mascot History

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History of the term “Majors” and the Mascot The sideline mascot was created by the Spirit Committee of the SBA in the spring of 1985 when they began requesting mascot uniform designs. It first appeared on the field in the fall of 1985. There are two articles in the Purple and White documenting this. See Mar. 26, 1985, page 6 Here and Sept. 10, 1985 page 1 and 5. Prior to this time, the only visual representation of the athletic teams for Millsaps were the words “Majors,” which first appeared in the early 1900’s, the military “leaf,” which is the insignia for a major in the military, was used on jerseys and helmets, and the graphic seal of the college with the encircled line drawing of the college founder Major Millsaps’ head and shoulders.

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