Siew Ling's Case: Learned Helplessness Theory

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Learned helplessness Theory is defined as the failure of an individual to overcome a problem that make them to struggle with that situation (Atari Mohanty, Ravindran Kumar pradhan, Lalatendu Kesari Jena, 2015). This theory can explained in many situations. According to Siew Ling 's case, she was learning helplessness since young. She affected by this theory because of her father. Most of the time Siew Ling 's father was scare her by his abusive methods. For example, he terrified Siew Ling by telling horrible stories to make her scared and confused. This effect Siew Ling mentally rather physically. According to Sandra Horley, (2002) abused people will try to cope with the situation mentally and deny the problems that they faced. Sometimes they act as normal and made situation even worst. As a result Siew Ling don 't even know how to overcome that situation and accept that be. However, this attitude continue for rest of her lifetime. After Siew Ling get married, her husband treat her similarly as her father did to her. But now, Siew Ling was not only affected by mentally. She was verbally, physically and sexually abuse by her husband. To overcome this Siew Ling tries to leave her husband but that time she was fully dependent on her husband. This happened because, she does not have any paper qualification as known as certificate to find a proper job to protect her financially. This situation made Siew Ling to learned helplessness even though she has solution to move on.

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