Siew Ling's Theory Of Learned Helplessness

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Learned helplessness Theory is defined as the failure of an individual to overcome a problem that make them to struggle with that situation (Atari Mohanty, Ravindran Kumar pradhan, Lalatendu Kesari Jena, 2015). This theory can explained in many situations. According to Siew Ling 's case, she was learning helplessness since young. She affected by this theory because of her father. Most of the time Siew Ling 's father was scare her by his abusive methods. For example, he terrified Siew Ling by telling horrible stories to make her scared and confused. This effect Siew Ling mentally rather physically. According to Sandra Horley, (2002) abused people will try to cope with the situation mentally and deny the problems that they faced. Sometimes they…show more content…
In additional to this she also mentioned that sometimes, helplessness produce lack of interest to avoid the negative thoughts that force them under depression, and even they felt there is no use of trying to solve the problems. This might cause them to learned helplessness easily. Learned helplessness is caused by low self-esteem in that particular individual (Paulo Coelho, 2011). Low self-esteem can make an individual afraid to achieve something or solve the problem that faced by them. Whenever, this situation occur they might end up with demotivated and learned to follow the helplessness cycle rather than solving the obstacles. Uncontrollable bad events, perceived lack of control or confidence and generalised helplessness attitudes are the stages of learned helplessness cycle that cause people to be under depressed and demotivated (Kelly Sheilds, 1997). Moreover, neglect also an example of factors that cause learned helplessness. According to Paulo Coelho (2011), this happen whenever an individual getting lack of attention of people those who surrounded them by the time that person need for their…show more content…
Even though she realised her problem but she still remained to be in a relationship with him. At this stage Siew Ling learned helplessness. Siew Ling needs to overcome the problem by applying some methods to her case. Increasing self esteem is one of the way to overcome learned helplessness. In Siew Ling 's case she was having low self esteem and learned helplessness together with that attitude. According to Kevin Currie (2010), people must have high self esteem to overcome a situation. For example Siew Ling should have higher self confidence to overcome her problems and reduce learned helplessness. People who are lacking of self confidence will not even try to do something if they don 't believe about their capability. At the same time, they tend to be back and stuck forever at the situation. To overcome this Siew Ling should believe in herself that she can do anything. Moreover, Siew Ling also should eliminate her negative thoughts that make her feel she was not capable enough of doing something to the problem that faced. Be open to new possible ideas also a way to overcome learned helplessness (Mary Merriment, 2016) Whenever a person stuck in a situation there is more than one solution to overcome the

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