Sigman Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory

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According to Sigman Freud, the first key concepts to Psychoanalytic Therapy is Personality Construction. Personality Construction consists of the Id, Ego and Superego. Every individual consist of these elements of personality. The Id is driven by pleasure principal. The Ego operates on reality principal and thinks logically. The Superego is the judicial branch of the person’s personality which is very responsible and proper (Corey, Gerald 2009) (6) . The second key concept is Unconscious Motivation. The Unconscious Motivation refers to the unknown desires behind the real motives that people do. An example of the Unconscious Motivations are Dreams. Dreams are made of the unconscious wishes or motives that comes out in dream content. This symbolize…show more content…
Many theorist have disagreements on Sigman Freud Psychoanalysis Theory, as a result the Contemporary Psychoanalysis was introduced. Classical analysis consist of path in which the patient should follow for a successful analysis and the interpretations are all directed at achieving this goal. The Psychoanalyst is unable of the client’s progress. A follow up is required to complete the analysis. The analyst will observe and look out for any abnormalities from the client’s unconscious. On the other hand, Contemporary Freudian psychoanalysis consist of the diversity of perspective of Freudian psychoanalysis. It focuses on a more scientific approach. New developments in theory, research, and practice is develop. Contemporary Freudians have modified and integrated many different ideas into their technique. Ideas includes the origins and helplessness. There are three to four limitations to Psychoanalysis. The first limitation is that the completion of analysis may require several years. It requires the client’s commitment, time and money. It is also very time-consuming and is unlikely to provide answers quickly which seems inappropriate in to today's…show more content…
This therapy enables the analyst to address the importance of the unconscious, sexual and aggressive drives that make-up the majority of all human beings' personalities. The fourth advantage is developing skills for improving relationships. In Psychoanalysis, the analyst will help clients to address their difficulty in forming relationships with others. After which they will assist clients to come out with solutions that will improve relationship building. There are three to four application to Psychoanalysis that we can apply in today’s context. The first therapy is Group Therapy. This therapy involves groups with specific problems such as anxiety problems, sexual abuse, or eating disorders. Groups therapy is effective and can help reduced member’s sense of isolation and provide support. The second therapy is Person Centred Therapy – By Carl Rogers. This therapy gets in touch of the innate abilities within himself. Person Centred Therapy provide a safe environment for clients which will enable them to move forward towards openness and a greater trust in self (Rogers, Natalie 2012).
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