Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Analysis

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Freud was an influential psychoanalyst during his time. However, his theories were filled with many logical flaws. The main one being that his findings were unscientific since it could not be proven right or wrong. Yet, it was applicable during his time to explain mental illness such as Hysteria. Erikson another psychoanalysis theory was developed because it was something more applicable in psycho-analytics in comparison to his preceder Freud. People are able to relate to Erikson's stage of development because it can be applicable to people at different point of their life. However, Erikson's 7 stage of development still had many logical flaws, as well. Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis, which is the study of mental disorder.…show more content…
For example, in his first stage trust vs. mistrust he says how this stage is determined at 1 years old. He places to much value at that age to establish a person view on trust for the rest of their life. No person can even recall that point in their life. In addition, a person view on trusting others can change as they age. Different events can occur in a person's life, which can alter their willingness to trust others. Also, this stage is based off a parental relationship with a child, however, if a child is a orphan then they would not be able to go through this stage. Yet, they can still can develop as a person who trusts others. In stage 4 industry vs. inferiority Erikson says a child questions if they can make it in the world. This is way to of a large question for a child. In addition, this stage revolves around school. However, Erikson does not take into account some children do not attend school. Therefore Erikson stages of development can not be applied to those people. In addition, Erikson does not take into account cultural aspects that can influence a person's upbring. Another major fault with his ideology is the epigenetic principle. Many of his stages overlap at different points in a person's life. Also a person can move forward and backward in his stages of development. The linearity and forward movement cannot be applied to most people. The purpose of the 7 stages was to show how social and cultural determinant makes us experience crisis that determines how our personality
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