Sigmund Freud And Nantel's Avior And The Characteristics Of Consumer Behavior

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Consumer behaviour is the behaviour of consumers that buys goods and services for their personal use and these consumers combined make up the consumer market. Consumers make decisions on what they should buy everyday and most large firms try to understand the what, where, how and how much, when and why they buy the goods and services (Kotler and Armstrong, 2014). According to Nantel (n.d), the importance of understanding consumer behaviour lies in the very principle of what marketing is, which is the basic function of meeting the need of the consumer. To produce a product or service that fulfils the need that is specific need or to offer to a specific segmentation of the population, marketers need to better understand the needs of the consumers. The consumer that I have chosen for this report is a single female in her early thirties who is career driven. She is a person who is concerned about her health. She believes in taking care of her nutrition that she consumes to help her in being more active and successful in her daily life. This report will cover the characteristics that affect consumer behaviour, the types of consumer buying decisions, the components of the decision-making process and the marketing recommendations for marketers that wants to target this particular consumer.

The motivation to satisfy consumers’ needs can be divided into two views from Sigmund Freud and Abraham Maslow. According to Sigmund Freud, people are largely unconscious on their real

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