The Five Stages Of Psychoanalysis

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Psychoanalysis is a method of therapy that originated by famous Austrian physician, Sigmund Freud. Psychoanalysis studies the mind, and treating the mental and emotional disorders by using techniques such as free association, dream interpretation and analysis of transference to investigate the underlying motives of unconscious minds.

According to Lapsley, D. K., & Stey, P.C. (2012) Encyclopedia of Human Behavior (Second edition), one of the major concepts of psychoanalytic therapy is the construction of human personality, which consists of id, ego and superego. Id is the newborn’s reservoirs and it is instinctual driven. Freud believes that this is the original system of personality because everyone is born with it unknowingly. Id is governed
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L., 2011) Oral stage is the first stage of psychosexual developments that is from newborn to eighteenth month. Child will focus mainly on oral pleasure, sucking. Too much or too little satisfaction may result in oral fixation. Individual will need something in mouth constantly. This leads to higher tendency of smoking, chewing gums, drinking, over-eating or even biting nails to satisfy once deprived. The second stage of psychosexual development is anal stage spanning from the age of eighteen months to three years. During this stage, anus is the erogenous zone and child is used to have very comfortable passage. However, some parents may overly emphasized toilet training. As a result, the id-ego conflict occurs. The id tells a child that ‘I want to go to the toilet now’ and ego tells that ‘I can’t use the toilet now’. Individual who suffered from anal fixation will tend to be very obsessively organized in terms of cleanliness, perfection and also control if anal retentive. On the other hand, individual may be disorganized and messy, if anal repulsive. The third stage is phallic stage at he ages of three to six years. When a child is more developed and genital is the erogenous zone. A child, typically boy gets sexually attracted to his mother. This is when a son-father competition occurs and the boy will even have evil desire of killing the father in order to sexually posses the mother. This is Oedipus complex. On he other hand, a girl experiences this stage in this father-daughter relationship. A girl will be jealous of the mother because the father sexually needs mother hence formed a penis envious in phallic fixation and freud classified this as electra complex. The later stage is latency stage, at age six to puberty, a child sexual desire that resulted from phallic stage will remain repressed that they will only interact with same sex peers. Lastly would be the genital stage when individual sex urge
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