Sigmund Freud The Uncanny

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This essay discusses the work of Fiona Rae and Hilma Af Klint in regard to the unconscious, which appears in drips. Sigmund Freud’s essay "the uncanny” will be the key theoretical work to be applied. This essay will be based on the movement surrealism and the technique automatic drawing. This essay will compare and contrast the works of these two artists and how they differ using these techniques. This essay will also discuss how the artists approach the theme the drip and how they let themselves go.
The Uncanny
According to Hal Foster, Sigmund Freud’s uncanny the plot is a return of a particular event. (image or object)”(Foster 1995:7). Freud tells a story about a boy named Nathaniel in his article “the Uncanny”. In the story his father whom he has loved very much dies. One evening his mother used to send him to bed early, cautioning him that the Sand-Man was coming (Freud 1919). The story continues with the mother saying that the sand-man is a horrible man who came when children will not go to bed. The sand man throws sand in the children’s eyes so they leap out bleeding. After that the sand man has the children’s eyes in a sack and then carries them off to the moon to feed his children. Continuing on with the story Nathaniel has a strong belief that the sand-man exists, he sees that the sand-man was the lawyer Coppelius, a vile man that the children are scared of. (Freud 1919)
The term “uncanny” comes from a German word Unheimliche and
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