Sigmund Freud's Contribution To America

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It was Sigmund Freud’s lectures at Clark University, America in 1909 that made a new mark for Freud and his theory of psychoanalysis. Freud delivered five lectures on his theory of psychoanalysis and his listeners found his observations quite new, interesting and most importantly acceptable. Freud’s visit to America in 1909 made a great impact on American society because various traditional ideas and beliefs were questioned and new concepts like id, ego, superego, Oedipus complex, sexual repression, infantile sexuality, Freudian slip and others emerged. As psychoanalysis gained popularity in America, many of the American writers started to use psychoanalytic concepts and ideas in their works. Eugene Gladstone O’Neill (1888-1953) was one among them. In the early 1920s, O’Neill’s intense grief for the successive deaths of his parents and his elder brother Jamie along with his marital problems led him to excessive drinking and being unable to control his alcoholism he underwent psychoanalysis so as to get cured from the bad habit. Moreover, it was also a time of intense emotional tumult as his marriage with Agnes Boulton was on the verge of breaking up and he was getting closer to Carlotta Monterey. “Dr. Gilbert V. Hamilton, a Freudian psychiatrist, had obtained a grant to study six individuals through psychoanalysis, and O’Neill is reported to have been one of the six. During psychoanalysis Dr. Hamilton cured O’Neill’s alcoholism and very likely saved his

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