Reality Is Wrong: Carl Jung And Sigmund Freud

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The late Tupac Shakur said, "Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real". This is a profound statement when you think of the perspectives of Freud and Jung. To many, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud are considered the fathers of dream interpretation. Freud believed that dreams are filled with symbols, that nothing we do is by chance, and that the symbolism in our dreams helps to dictate our actions. Jung believed that dreams reveal more than they conceal. They are a natural expression of our imagination and use the most straightforward language at our disposal. Dreams are thought to hold the key to our unconscious and conscious thoughts. Freud and Jung had many things in common they each had their own views when it came to dreams. The unconscious whether…show more content…
There are several different meanings it could have. One author said "I think the analysis might be compared to a long- drawn-out game of chess and that it will continue to be so until I cease to be” (Sharpe p127) dream analysis could go on forever or until one day the event plays out in our conscious mind. One interpretation could be I’m going to hurt Joey or Brian. Another could be that one of my students, not necessarily Mike is going to get hurt. Freud listed many typical dreams that people may have all the time such as “Embarrassment dream of nakedness; Dreams of the death of beloved people; Examination dream; Dream of missing a train; Dream due to dental stimulus; Flying or hovering; Falling; Swimming; Dream of passing through narrow alleys; Whole suite of rooms; Dream of burglars; Dream of being chased by wild animals; Dream of being threatened with knives, daggers and lances” (Maggiolini p2). My dream had several of the typical scenario’s I was flying in a car, my car was stolen and my student was stabbed. Freud might also apply this dream to wish fulfillment as I may have unconscious desires which are being reprised by my ego or superego. Freud might also say I have some type of sexual desire for one of my students, which is gross to even think about. Freud might also interpret this dream as an inner conflict that I am battling with my unconscious mind; that I really do want to snap on Joey…show more content…
I think we want to blindly believe that the unconscious has little to do with our actions but I believe we are wrong. The unconscious mind has much more power over us than the credit we give it. John Searle “argues that an unconscious mental state is one that in principle could become conscious he calls this the “Connection Principle”... and the notion of an unconscious intentional state is the notion of a state that is a possible conscious thought or experience”. The connection principle is an excellent way to label this issue. There is differently a connection between the unconscious and conscious and it affects the way we live our lives and how we treat people. Searle gives this example in his book “an adolescent’s rebellion against school authorities might be accounted for in Freudian terms by his unconscious hatred of his father (symbolically represented as the school authorities)”. The same idea applies to us have you ever meet someone and just could not stand them from the beginning? The person had done nothing to you but whenever they walked into the room you would roll your eyes. Well, unconsciously you could be transferring your feelings of someone else on to this person. At first you usually don’t realize it, and someone else will come along and say “doesn’t she or he remind you of so and so”. Your brain will click and you have made the connection. According to Freud most of our

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