Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalysis And Intellectual Development

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Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytical and Psychosexual Development is a theoretical development perspective in human growth and development. Freud was born in Australia and later became a neurologist who developed a new way in understanding the personality of humans. He is known as the founder of Psychoanalysis and also the Psychoanalytic Theory. Psychosexual development was also a Freudian theory, in his theory he was explained over the course of child hood how a person’s personality is developed (). Freud thought that early experiences in childhood were factors of development later in an individual’s life. Through these childhood stages it was believed that personality was developed (). In this theory, Freud explained that the urge for pleasure of the id is focused on certain sexual sensitive areas. It also states that there are three elements with three different aspects of a person’s personality.
In the first component of this theory, the id element is operant on the principle of pleasure. Often considered as the animalistic side, the id is aggression and sex rooted. The second component the ego, this element works off the reality principle, and the highest gratification is sought but in the realms and boundaries of reality. The last component, the Superego is the source of a person’s values and morals.
According to Freud’s theory each person goes through five stages during the course of development. Stages of the psychosexual stages are also called the Freudian stages.

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