Freud's Stages Of Development Essay

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Sigmund Freud who known as the father of psychoanalysis. “Psychoanaysis is a set of psychological and psychotherapeutic theories and associated techniques” . In psychoanaysis there are many theories about human mental development and personality theory also.

Studies of Freud came from human mind and according to him human mind become of 3 part ; conscious and unconscious pre-conscious. The conscious is the foundation of human memory and everything that a human can think. The unconscious is the mind processes that is cannot come to the conscious because of hindrances. And the pre conscious is the memories that a human cannot expose whenever he or she want. And the other
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At each stage the libido that is, the emotional and psychic energy associated with a biological instinctis focused on a different area of the body. The anal stage begin at around eighteen months of age and lasts until about age three. During this period, the individual are preoccupied with the challenges and rewards that result from learning to control bowel and bladder functions. Gratification focus shifts from mouth to anus. The child experiences pleasure from the elimination of faeces. According to Freud, this brings them into conflict with their parents. Random elimination (as demanded by the id) incurs parental displeasure, yet withholding elimination (as requested by the parents) is denying the demands of the id, which until this point has been the source of all motivation. The resolution of this conflict requires the development of the ego, and as such has important implications for behaviours later in…show more content…
Anal retentive personalitya personality characterized by meticulous neatness and suspicion andreserve; said to be formed in early childhood by fixation during the anal stage of development.

“Anal expulsive types ‘performing’ for others - eg: giving presents, donating to charity, etc - could be seen as sublimations of the wish to ‘perform on the potty’ for parents. Sculptors, potters and gardeners can all be said to be sublimating the desire to smear (Keith rice 2011)”

Through the defence mechanism of reaction formation, anal retentive types may feel compelled to give things away or lose them through gambling or playing on the stock market.

According to Freud, the anal period is 1-3 years. It As important period in the anal region The beginning of this gain control emotions There period. Stool during toilet training holding-leave with her mother in the learning process conflicts on the one hand, the child dependency Health feelings, on the other hand separation, individuation and dilemmas with feelings of independence lived (Schuster 1980, Uluğ 1997) the children dependence-independence dilemmas experienced by these period can be solved through dramatic
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