Sigmund Freud's Psychosexual Development

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The theory of psychosexual development was presented by one of the most prominent psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and characterized how personality develops during the course of childhood. Whilst this theory is widely known in psychology, still, it is one of the most controversial. Freud believed that the individual develops via a series of childhood stages throughout which the energy of pleasure-seeking of the id is focused on certain erogenous areas. According to Freud, if all these stages are completed successfully, a healthy individual is a result. However, if the person will remain “stuck” on a certain stage, problems in future life may occur. This paper will focus on Freud 's psychosexual stages of development and possible effects due to fixation on one of the stages.
The first stage of psychosexual development according to Freud is The Oral Stage, spanning from birth until the age of one year. Throughout this stage, the main source of the interaction of the child is through the mouth. In this way, the sucking reflex is greatly important. The child receives pleasure from oral stimulation via certain activities such as sucking and tasting as well as the mouth is vital for eating. As the child is fully dependent upon those who are responsible for feeding him, also the child develops a sense of trust and comfort through the oral stimulation. Freud believed that person might have issues with dependency or aggression if remains "stuck" at
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This stage is characterized by a decrease of sexual interest. Being cut off from the sexual aim, libido energy is transferred to the development of the human experience, embodied in science and culture, as well as the establishment of friendly relations with peers and adults outside the family environment. This stage is essential in the development of communication and social skills as well as
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