Freud's Psychosexual Theory Of Development

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In late 19 th and early 20 th century, Sigmund Freud,a Viennese physician developed psychosexual theory of development with emotionally troubled adults. According to Freud, the human personality consists of the id, ego and super ego. id, the largest part of the mind is related to desires and impulses and deals with basic or biological needs while ego is the conscious mind which plays the role of rationalizing and reasoning. The superego, the conscience of the mind controls the actions over id by rationalizing with the norms of the society. Source: Boundless. “Freud's Psychosexual Theory of Development.” Boundless Psychology.
Boundless, 20 Aug. 2015. Retrieved 29 Aug. 2015
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According to Kline (1972), too much or too little of oral stimulation might develop personality traits that involve mouth such as over eating, nail biting, smoking or drinking. The negative impact this creates on a person is that the person may be too gullible or naïve and too pessimistic to lead while depend on others
(Gorer&Menninger, 1943).
Anal Stage
In anal stage, according to Gorer & Menninger (1943), the child gain pleasure by eliminating or retaining feces. This stage is experienced at the age of 18 months to three years. If the parent is too strict on toilet training the child may become obsessed with control, perfection and cleanliness. This is called anal retentiveness while anal expulsive is the opposite.
Phallic Stage
As Kline (1972) explains, Freud’s phallic stage describes Oedipus or Electra complex which occurs at the age of three to six years. The Oedipus effect is when the child has sexual attraction towards the mother and Electra complex is when the girl child has the
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Since strict potty training can cause obsessive disorders such as being perfectionists or too much concerned about control. Therefore to pass the anal stage successfully the parents can stop being too strict on potty training or too lenient or carefree on this matter to avoid vice versa.
Likewise parents relationship with their children plays a vital role in the development of their psychology. During phallic stage parents must understand that the male and female children creates a liking towards their opposite sex parent which is quite normal of children. The children must be allowed to be with their opposite sex parents and there should not be restrictions over it. In some cultures, male parent does not mingle with the female child as it is considered bad in that culture. This type of situations might lead the child to fail the phallic stage and might develop a confusion over their sexual identity. In latency stage, parents must give a special attention to the children during Latency stage. At this age as the children are unconscious about their sexual desires, anything that provokes it might bring about a
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