Sigmund Freud's Theories Of Personality Development

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Sigmund Freud is Psychology’s most famous psychoanalysis. His work and theories have helped shape our views of personality, levels of consciousness and unconsciousness mind, the structure of personality and the development of personality. There are three aspects to Freud’s theory of personality structure and fives stages through the psychosexual development. The psyche The first aspect is the psyche which is structured into three, the id, ego and superego, all develops at different stages in our lives. The id is an important unconscious structure that contains basic instinctual drives when we are born. Freud believed that the id is based on our pleasure principle. For example, a baby needs or wants something such as milk, the baby would…show more content…
He describes this development in a series of five fixed psychosexual stages. In each stage, the child’s energy or libido is focused on a different parts of the body, also known as an erogenous zone. The five development stages are Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency and Genital. The first stage being the Oral stage (birth to 18 months), main focus is its gratification. For example, sucking and eating. Freud believes that oral stimulation could lead to an oral fixation later on in life. This type of personality tends to become smokers, nail-biters, alcohol drinkers and other bad habits if its oral needs are not met during childhood. This behaviour usually occur when the person is under stress or anxiety. The next stage is the Anal stage (18 months to three years) which main focus of the child’s pleasure in this stage beginning to experiment with eliminating and retaining feces. The child learns to control anal stimulation through their parents. Parents toilet training their child too early can lead to results of child being uptight and overly obsessed with cleanliness, order and control. This is also known as anal-retentive. On the other head, when toilet training is trained at the right time, the child’s personality is more likely to be messy, aggressive, stubborn, emotional and rebellious. This is called anal…show more content…
The child behaviour changes and develops in a morally suitable way and adopt the values from his/her parents; new skills and knowledge. Lastly, the Genital stage (12 years and up). This is the last stage of the personality development where puberty begins. During this stage, if all other stages have been successfully achieved, the teenager develops an appropriative sexual behaviour that may lead into a loving relationship, marriage or child birth. Conclusion Overall, I find it hard to disagree with Freud’s Freud’s findings or case studies as they may have been a bit extreme seeing that it would not be applicable or considered to today’s standard. However, his theory of personality is very interesting and have good valid theories. I believe that most of his work is unbelievably universally correct, makes sense and have helped expand our psychological understanding of
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