Sigmund Freud's Theory Of The Psychodynamic Theory

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The word psychodynamic means to a large group of theories that affects the It is a way that tells that personality of the mind exists in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious states like the unconscious wishes, feelings and thoughts. This theory is presented by Sigmund Freud in which he mentions that personality contains three components which are the id, the ego and the superego. These all work collaboratively in order to make complex human behaviours. Id is associated with the way of thinking or the natural ability and the crave for pleasure. Ego is associated with the intervene in the agreement among them with the need of the reality. Superego is a kind of approach to follow the order and systems of the parents
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The common use of the this theory has been well set up. In a book named Introduction of Psychodynamics, during 1988 the psychologist, HoroWits mentions that his interest and eagerness for psychodynamic began during the 1950s. Hornist widely explained neurotic behaviour and unconscious mental condition are directly correlated with the psychodynamic theory in the daily life. Sigmund Freud focused mainly on sexual feelings and thoughts. Emotional issues generate during the childhood. Unconsciousness feelings are created while therapy.
Carl Jung does not focuses more on the sexuality. It is a barrier to the tentativeness achievement to be as significant as the childhood conflicts. He also talks about the bifurcation of unconscious to the personal and collective.
Alfred Adler also did not focused more on sexuality as an objective. The necessary objective is the feeling of the inferiority complex that generates with the feeling of the dependency and helplessness that a child feels. He also focuses on the achievement for superiority that looks less conceptual than Jung’s theory of individualisation as a target of
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The Ego is created of the increasing awareness that one cannot overtime get those things according to their demand. The Ego is some how correlated with the reality that exists in the world and hence works on the principle of reality. The Ego is something that feels the requirement of the concession and negotiation among the Id and the Superego. The Ego contradicts the both immediate delectation and the detainment in the delectation. The word Ego strength is needed to relate the capacity that how nicely the Ego manages with these conflicting behaviours. In order to complete the work of the arranging, conceiving and constraining or regulating the Id and the ego utilises some of the psychic energy. Hence, the Ego is considered as the Adult. Ego is partially conscious and partially
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