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Change is inevitable. Therefore, every human being is bound to experience change whether he or she likes it or not. Different events wield great influence so powerful that it could shift the course of an individual’s lives. An example of such paradigm shifts are depicted by both Quinn and Pollack in their literary pieces “Sign Here if You Exist” and “Pigeons” respectively. Personal paradigm shifts in the two literary pieces are not explicit just as their titles. The literary piece by Pollack “Pigeons”, describes a life revisited by a woman back in time. The story begins with a woman describing her return to the elementary school she was in years back. She describes the school as a gothic brick fortress to signify the duration the school has been in existence. From the description of the school, it is apparent from her description that she did not relish her days in the school. Just as a pigeon trapped in a building, she wandered in the school halls wondering whether she could find
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To begin with, the title of the literary piece taunts the reader to prompt he or she to think of the characters portrayed in the story. Quinn describes the female giant ichneumon wasp and its majestic features such as her Victorian waist and filamentous tail. The ichneumon wasp is a subject of interest because of its statistic. In that, a large proportion of the insects can be found in the United States especially in the Wisconsin area. The ichneumon wasp is a unique insect since it locates the lava of a pigeon horntail and uses that living host’s body to nourish her young. This insect behaviour is unique since it stamps authority that it is in existence. The character of ichneumon wasps were so unique that Charles Darwin himself took note. As such, the ichneumon wasp’s features indicates that nature depicts God’s
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