Sign Language In Koe No Katachi: Sign Language

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Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) is about Ishida, who bullied Shouko for being deaf in elementary school to the point she had to transfer away. Despite the entire class taking part in being mean to Shouko, they instantly blame only Ishida, and alienate him just as he did to Shouko. Now in high school, Ishida has developed anxiety and depression, but runs into Shouko at a sign language class. What does he want out of talking to Shouko again? Will anyone forgive him? Will he be able to make amends? The first concept in this movie is Social Interaction. This is a big theme in the movie, since Ishida doesn’t trust most of the people he encounters in his daily life. This is represented in the movie by a sketchy, purple ‘X’ overlayed onto one’s face. The only…show more content…
She used to use her notebook, but after Ishida repeatedly throws it into a pond, she resorts to sign language. There is a part where a teacher offers to teach her class sign language so they could talk to Shouko, but all except one refuse. Despite Shouko’s efforts, most of the class rejected her. Since she can hear just a little bit, there are times where she tries no avail. Several people express their irritation with Shouko, and it leads to her feeling like a huge burden to everyone. The second concept is Group Dynamics. Ishida had two friends as a kid. One kind of tubby, and the other that frequented long, floppy sleeves. They would always hang out together, with Ishida leading them and picking on the tubby one, while the floppy-sleeved kid observes and retorts. However, after Shouko transfers away, the floppy-sleeved kid turns it on its head and leads the others into bullying Ishida. Speaking of which, the entire class joins in on claiming Ishida was the sole cause of Shouko transferring away. They all did something to make Shouko’s life tougher, but once the teacher pins all the blame on Ishida, the class joins in on doing so. (clip
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