Sign Language In Lynn's Deaf Like Me

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The story of Lynn Spradley’s journey is for every parent who believes that their child isn’t normal. I learned a great deal about what it truly means to be deaf from this book. Reading this story brought out much emotion as the story progressed. Lynn’s parents Tom and Louise reaction of every parent’s worst thought when having a child. Everyone believes that there child is going to be healthy and fully functioning ready to be a part of the world. Not many consider and are ready to handle the fact that your child may have disabilities. Tom and Louise are confronted with a problem that they know nothing about and to make it worse they are living in a time when the facts and technology surrounding deafness are misconstrued. Deaf like Me is a tale…show more content…
All throughout Lynn’s life, all her doctors and teachers had said that learning sign language would hurt her ability to learn to speak. The scare it puts on the parents who have never even had a conversation with their child that didn’t involve a picture book for them to point at. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for Lynn’s parents, you never know why Lynn was mad or upset or why she was happy or excited. Lynn had no way of communicating her feelings to her parents. This was all because of the advice against learning and using sign language. I think if the parents started to let Lynn learn sign language it would mean to them that the problem was real and that they failed. They wanted to keep putting it off and hoping she would speak, they didn’t want to have people think they were bad parents, when they should have been more concerned with how their daughter must feel. Deaf Like Me was a great eye opening experience to what is feels like to be secluded, to be different. To not be able to express your thoughts or feelings. A story about accepting others for who they are and not trying to make them like everyone else. A story about finding your voice, and just wanting to live a normal life. I was so happy that Lynn was taught sign language. She was living in a life of silence and confusion, but with sign language she was able to express her feelings and show off her personality, she was able to finally shed her life of vulnerability and live a life of strength and
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