Significance And Importance Of Information Systems In Tesco

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Organisations need to take under consideration the information as any other important asset and resource. This needs to be managed, disseminated and organised efficiently for the information to reflect quality. Inside an organisation, the information usually flows in four basic directions as outward, horizontal, upward and downward. Taking under consideration there is a wide amount of information flow within the organisation, it will be quite promising to recognise the significance and importance of systems within the organisations (Stelzl & Timm, 2005). Corporation invest in information systems for business purposes like actors within their environment. Business investment in information systems for achieving excellence like attaining operational goal (efficiency, agility and productivity), developing news services and products, achieving customer service and intimacy, improving decision making, ensuring survival and guaranteeing survival.
For this study we have selected Tesco Plc. which is world’s top retail store all around the world. Tesco has more than 700 stores within UK and the company has widened their operation nationally and internationally in Asia and central Europe have more than 100 stores. Tesco is efficiently functioning within local market (Flamholtz, 2012). Under retail market, Tesco is leading the market and it is not possible without any effective information system within the organisation.

1.2 Significance of the Study
From past few decades, there
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