Significance Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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In the novel “The crucible” representation of a disturbing and powerful play based on a true event has been shown clearly by the author Arthur Miller. The main objective that the author tries to show from that drama is how feeble the human beings can be and how gluttony of personal gain can become dangerous in the current society. During the early times of 1600’s, people believed that if you did not go to church each week to adore God, then it was obvious that you were worshipping the devil. But according to the play, accusations of witchcraft or devil worshipping began with a group of girls who were held dancing in the forests. This was an illegal act according to the rules of theocracy in the town of Salem. However, among the group there…show more content…
Bearing in mind the facts about her distressing childhood life, her love for John and terror for her life it is possible to deduce that it was the fault of Abigail for the tragedy to occur in the town of the Salem. Her deceitfulness almost makes her impractical because she practices witchcraft in order to win back her lover, Proctor, she laid false evidence of witchcraft in Elizabeth’s home with a hope to direct her to the scaffolds and she persuades young women to dance in the woods which was an illegal act. The writer progresses from sightseeing the unconscious to exploring the unconditioned and raw responses that go deeper than basic desires and ambitions, particularly when challenged with ones’ mortality. A deduction can also be made that the more Abigail Williams learnt how to use her interim capabilities to upset the townspeople, the more she appreciated the power she had. Abigail Williams collects the information necessary to style the position of supremacy for herself. Although there are other characters who contributed on witch trials, Abigail Williams is the one to blame for the entire occurrence because of her deceitfulness, falseness and untrustworthiness. As the terrible person that she was, Abigail Williams struggled and managed to get her way no matter whom she hurt, and unluckily in the conclusion she
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