Significance Of Bilbo In The Hobbit

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In The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien uses the hobbit ,Bilbo, as an example of how a typical ,everyday hobbit turns into a fearless, audacious hero. In his words he shows us many instances where Bilbo turns into a hero to rescue his friends from the perilous dangers as they continue on their adventure. J.R.R. Tolkien uses the times when Bilbo slayes the giant spider, when he rescues the dwarves, and when he tries stops the Battle of The Five Armies. The first time is when the group is captured by giant spiders. Bilbo then wakes up to find he is trapped in the giant spiders silk on a web. He frees himself from the web and slays the giant spider, who was guarding him, but passes out from exhaustion. He awakens and goes to find his friends, who were also trapped by the giant spiders. He finds them to be in a web guarded by the giant spiders. He uses stones to scare the spiders away and then cuts them free with his sword. He then kills some of the giant spider and frightens the rest away. He…show more content…
He must get the arkenstone to the Elvenking to prevent war against the dwarves. He is risking his life to get to get the stone to the elvenking and prevent a disastrous war against the dwarves. He wants to protect everyone by doing an action bound to stop the war from happening. As he comes back he finds gandalf who tells him that he did a heroic deed. He is taking a gamble to stop the war in which many lives can be lost by delivering the stone to the elvenking. In the end, Bilbo is showing many of the characteristics seen in an extraordinary hero. By using his intelligence and skills he finds way out of these perilous situation the group faces everyday. He slayed a spider, freed his friends and stopped a war which can prove that he has changed from that everyday ,run of the mill hobbit into an audacious, courageous, selfless hero that the readers can see and believe that even themselves can become a hero if they ever wanted

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