Significance Of Daisy's Color In The Great Gatsby

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#1 1. Characters from The Great Gatsby all had their own colors that represented them in different ways. Two characters I think have very easily spotted colors are Daisy and Gatsby. Daisy’s color would be white. It signifies pure beauty; she wears a white dress when she meets Gatsby for the first time. Even her name Daisy is a kind of white flower. So it may easily make people feel that she is pure, flawless and noble when people meet her for the first time. Gatsby color that I think represents him would be yellow. This color signifies gold, which symbolizes money or a high social position in society. But the color to me also relates to the autumn leaves, which symbolizes death. Before Gatsby was shot by Wilson, it was portrayed that he refused the chauffeur’s help and disappeared among the yellowing tree’s in a moment, which implied his death. And his yellow car ends Mrs. Wilson’s life. But it is Daisy who actually leads to Gatsby’s misfortune. So this color also indicates the failure of the American Dream. #3 2. I believe that Nick see’s Gatsby in such a favorable light because he was able to create a new identity for himself, Gatsby’s drive amazes Nick. Yes, Gatsby may do many illegal things sometimes, but he stays true…show more content…
Some might say that Gatsby is a “massive dreamer” or that he was delusional, living in denial I believe that Gatsby is a delusional dreamer. He expected far too much from Daisy, after not seeing her for 5 years. He was a man of hope he thought he can repeat the past and get Daisy back in his life, to the point where he would reach out for the green light which embodied Daisy. Gatsby was aware that Daisy had a daughter, yet when he looked at her, he was surprised. The daughter was never part of Gatsby’s dream, he only wanted Daisy and only Daisy. Nick tried to explain to Gatsby that there are other women in the world, but Gatsby only had his eyes set on one, he continued to have dreams and wishes to repeat the past but Gatsby was out of
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