Significance Of The Color Green In The Great Gatsby

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American dream is what everyone strives for, but as people try to pursue the dream, it starts crumbling down and full of corruptness. In the novel The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a young man name Nick narrated the story for a mysterious character who is wealthy name Gatsby. Every character lives a luxurious life of the American dream, but in reality, there is no American dream as it is not obtainable. Gatsby has a goal to love Daisy, but he is stuck in time where he is proceeding the old Daisy as the current Daisy. Gatsby would look outside out from the dock and see a green light on the Daisy side, which is on the East Egg. Daisy has no interest in him, only for his wealth. Valley of Ashes is filled with people who are living in poverty and Tom usually goes by to pick up Myrtle and let her live lavishly. Tom framed Gatsby killing Myrtle to save Daisy from going to jail. This has cause Myrtle’s husband to kill Gatsby. By the use of nature,…show more content…
The color green means to go from stoplights, to be successful, wealth or going a good job. This is all the factors of an American dream. Nick saw Gatsby at the dock and “glanced seaward” and saw the “single green light” at the end of the doc (Fitzgerald 21). This creates some mysterious scene with Gatsby of why he is staring the green light. It could be that the light represents the sign of go, advancing towards it. The light is hazy as it is “far way” (Fitzgerald 21) from the dock that Gatsby and Nick is standing from. If the light is far away to see, the light is a bit hard to detect. The light represents the dream and hope. The green means ¨to go¨, in reality Gatsby should have stopped. Gatsby saw the light as a way to further his relationship with Daisy, but in reality he should have break away from the relation to avoid conflict. That green light is the dream that everyone wants to grasp and want, people have this imagination of what they
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